Monday, February 14, 2011

crazy, sexy day 1

 I went the Farmers Market yesterday and got so many colorful, beautiful veggies, I couldn't wait to get up and juice today!

This morning's juice was made with: kale, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, a few baby carrots, 1/2 apple, lemon and ginger.  Delish!  It was so surprisingly refreshing and satisfying and made the entire kitchen smell like freshly cut grass.  My 8 yr. old son has even commented the last few mornings on how fresh the kitchen smelled. I was able to get him to drink a glass today after I added a couple of apples and few more carrots to sweeten it up a bit. I got a hesitant thumbs up, but it was still a thumbs up right?

I have to tell you when I first read about this cleanse it seemed a bit daunting. However, after giving up my morning chai tea and my nightly glass of vino, I think I'll live. I know, no wine for 21 days, pretty crazy!

For the last week I have been in pre-detox mode and feel really good. I have lots of energy and know it's only going to improve as I travel  down the detox road.

I thought I'd share the beautiful basket of colorful veggies that's sitting on my kitchen counter. It's much prettier and fuller than usual and is inspiring me to cook healthy, beautiful meals.

Until next time...

Kathryn McRitchie
Fashion Director


  1. Where can I find some direction on how to "pre-detox" for the week prior to the cleanse? I too would like to start my 21-day journey soon...but I want to start out on the right track. Having a pre-tox week makes a lot of sense. Can you share what you did for the week prior?

    Thank you!
    Leigh Ann

  2. I could use some suggestions also about easy foods to eat during this. I'd love to be able to prepare everything, but its just not practical with a house full of children. Ideas?

  3. Renee

    This is Peg -- I have kids too and I'm lucky because they both eat alot like I do. But one of my favorite things about this cleanse is that you still have lots to eat -- check out the March Natural Health (on newsstand now) or, of course, Kris's book for ideas and recipes (brown rice, quinoa, all kinds of vegetables). My favorite vegetable these days is kale, and my favorite ways to prepare are:

    Kale Salad -- get curly kale and cut or tear into bite size pieces. Then "massage" it to make it more tender. Dressing is of tahini (or sunflower seed butter), olive oil, lemon juice and white wine vinegar. Toss with sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.

    Or Kale chips - tear curly kale into chunks, toss with olive oil, put on cookie sheet and salt. Roast @ 375 for 15 minutes. Kids love this.

    There are also lots of recipes at and on Kris's site -

  4. Leigh Ann

    Peg here again. Go to the newsstand and get the March Natural Health!! The pre-tox week is part of the plan in Kris's story, and we all did it last week. Or, go to the website ( and enter to win a Crazy Sexy Diet book.

    But basically, it's a week of tapering out acidic foods -- cutting out or down on caffeine, alcohol, sugar, animal products and wheat, getting you ready for the actual cleanse.

    I started with the coffee, and drank 1/2 regular and 1/2 caffeinated, went down to eating just chicken a couple times a week, juiced every other day. Cut out dairy and sugar completely and just had a couple servings of wheat. Went down to having a drink just twice that week, my (besides the 1/2 glass of champagne on Valentine's Day) was on the Saturday night before.