Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's kind of hard to believe that we are almost halfway through our Adventure Cleanse; in Crazy, Sexy Diet, Kris Carr says this may be the day when we feel really pissed off -- at the world, ourselves, everyone. And, she says, don't invalidate the feelings, acknowledge the passion behind them, and see if they have anything to do with saying "No" and experience the liberation of using that word when we mean it. She also suggests dancing naked and adding functional foods like Kimchi or other naturally fermented foods to your salad today. (I'm good with both.)

I got back last night from a trip to our New York office, which quite frankly had me a little concerned -- airport food (no kale!), the delicious smell of the gyros carts on Park outside the office, lunches/dinners/drinks!

I feel really good about how I did. The Friday night before I left, Meghan and I had "drinks" with Ashley Koff, RD, who brought us big AKA Happy Belly Bags that are customizable to whatever your needs are -- pregnancy, motherhood, IBS -- and she packed them with gluten-free, raw, delicious stuff like hemp seeds, ginger tea and sprouted almond butter.  It was brilliant, and really helped. (And drinking tea instead of wine, etc made the bar tab -- even with food -- shockingly low.)

Sunday, I packed my carryon with cashews, dried cranberries, hemp and sunflower seeds, tea, some raw seed wafers from Whole Foods and Kaia Kale Chips. When I got to the airport, I figured, I could buy a good salad and dump my goodies on top.

I looked at all the salads at the airport places, and most of them don't have much left when you take out the meat and cheese. Guess what the best choice was? McDonald's Southwest Salad. It has carrots, black beans, corn, cucumbers and tomatoes; I just had them hold the chicken and cheese, sprinkled my seeds and stuff on top when I was ready to eat, and it was totally satisfying and delicious.

My other hurdle was resisting my ritual airplane Bloody Mary ... but it was no problem at all. I drank lots of bubbly water instead.

And the best part: On the ground floor of our office, there is an Equinox -- with a juice bar! It was awesome -- I just ordered all greens with ginger and without all the sweet stuff (apples, mostly) and I was good until lunch. One lunch I did have to cheat a little (fish and wine) but for lunch on Tuesday we went to Penelope's on 28th and found PLENTY (hard to resist the delicious bread, though). And for dinners, my hotel was very close to the little Korean area in Murray Hill, and there are lots of vegan joints and dishes there.

It was interesting, too -- I did some TV segments that included talking about pre-and post-natal nutrition, and there was a big bunch of kale (!) staring me in the face all day long ...

Now that I'm home I can't get enough of that good stuff; and Kris says in her CSD Day 11 page that many people start experiencing moments of unexpected bliss in the middle of a cleanse. I already have....

Be well.

                                                                                                            -- Peg Moline, editor in chief                                                                              

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  1. I love the southwest salad too. I like corn and beans in my salad. I hope someday soon we'll see real, meat-less salad options instead of just iceberg lettuce with some tomatoes on top.

    I'm glad you found eating on the road much less stressful than imagined. It's great to know it is okay to ask for something your way, or mix other ingredients from a menu, and not feel like it's an imposition. That's another milestone accomplished, isn't it?