Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 18 here

I didn't have a kitchen for 2 days (renovating!), so had to forgo juicing for that second day, and I won't say what I resorted to on Wednesday when short of time and a kitchen, but glad to have a sink again so I can wash my juicer. Missed my latest passion -- tofu scrambles for dinner. When I cook my veggies, I make an effort to refrain from cooking them too much.

I love to make extra green juice and then use it as a
base for a smoothie.
Here, I added frozen organic raspberries and banana, and a
little unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

My first tofu scramble! Delicious. Curried pressed tofu with spinach, shiitake and onion

In a hurry -- The go-to raw kale salad
from Whole foods.
Gotta love washing that juicer!

Delicious orchard salad we tested for an upcoming issue

Spinach, heirloom tomatoes, arugula, broccoli slaw, red cabbage,
persian cukes and black beans to fill  me up

From Yvonne, our art director, her tofu kale and adzuki bean concoction

–– Stephanie Birdsong, CREATIVE DIRECTOR

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  1. Yum! That tofu scramble does look delicious. I love spinach and mushrooms with green onion and a bit of garlic. In fact, when I have breakfast at IHOP, I always ask them to saute spinach and mushroom for my breakfast that I eat with some crispy hashbrowns or dry wheat toast.

    Your pictures add so much to the blog and make me want a gorgeous red juice drink with a bit of beet added to the greens.

    Thanks for sharing those awesome, inspiring pictures and ingredients with everyone.