Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6

Well, I can't really believe I'm into day 6! 

Loving the green juice, though I could use a better juicer.  I end up with a lot of veggie pulp...what to do with it??

Day One was pretty easy, had a brainstorm meeting at SKB's. Yummy lunch and much support. Thanks for the Teechino tip! Definitely works as a coffee sub. Did feel pretty spacey, but also somehow clearer.

Day Two came the headache. But loving the new foods, tastes, smells. My little boy came in the kitchen and said it smelled good. Gave him a taste of my green juice and he ran out of the room! Oh well. 

Hard to describe how I felt, spacey and somehow clearer, more alive. Green juice is soooo yummy! However I did have a girls dinner out and did the slide. Coq au vin (on corn polenta with veggies) and a glass of red wine at a french restau. At least I didn't do the burger or steak frites or cheese plate (my usual).

Day Three felt lighter, but still spacey.  Lentil soup, stir fry, kale salad. It's tough being in the house with my hub (who's not on board) and 6 year old bub. But I think the hub's liking the new flavors.  Luckily I'm having a bit of a work break, so the shopping/prep/cooking etc.'s a bit easier to do.

Day Five Had a doc appt. and had to get on the scale. Up!!??? Wha???! Seems very counter-intuitive to wheat/dairy/meat. Doesn't make sense. I have to say, I'm amazed that I haven't eaten dairy for 5 days...that's pretty much miraculous. Not feeling that energy...though my boy's been sick...and I've probably got a ton of toxins roiling around inside.

Whole Foods for some miso, veganaise etc. It's exciting to be using new food elements. WEekend's coming....kind of scary! But the fridge/pantry are full of delish healthy things, so I'm going to be ok. Time for some green tea.


  1. Hello - it would be great to have 3-4 recipes for green drinks and smoothies. thanks!

  2. I haven't really been following a recipe. Just throwing in some romaine, broccoli, spinach, mint, apple, celery, kale, ginger...a little parsley. Experiment!