Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I shock myself!

That's the title of Beatrice Woods' autobiography (an amazing woman with a spirit akin to Kris Carr's. She embraced life always, was true to herself, took risks, was crazy sexy, started a new career at 40 something and lived to be 105. Don't know about her diet, but she was clearly doing something right!)  

I can't believe I'm into day 10! Shocking!

Nasty cold/sinus infection notwithstanding (detox?? or my turn at the bug that my little boy just got over?) Have to say, last night I was pretty sure I'd be off to the doc this am, but I think it's moving through my system more quickly than usual...definitely the detox. I've noticed the absence of a couple of annoying chronic ailments as well. Gotta be the zero sugar/dairy effect.

Just finished some Sexy Seed Cakes (super yummy!!)  And I've been making miso soup (so easy!!! who knew??) I'm loving exploring new foods/recipes/flavors...and it is spilling over, my hub's been eating a lot more veggies too. And I'll say it again, I LOVE MY GREEN JUICE!!!

I'm lighter and brighter for sure. Off to lunch at M de Chaya with a girlfriend, can't wait to find out what deliciousness awaits.

Till soon,

-– Saralynne Precht     Assoc. Art Director/Natural Health Magazine

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  1. I can say that cutting out the sugar and dairy did the same for me. When my mom had chills and the dreaded H1N1 virus, I only had a bit of a runny nose and maybe an attempted, but vague sore throat. My husband was taking sudafed every few hours and feeling bad for days, but not me.

    I would get a bad cough every year, but no more! I haven't used my inhaler in years. I swear that if no dairy is taken in, then no mucus will form. I wake up clear-headed every morn.

    I also definately dropped the extra weight. One year of being dairy-free took me back to my weight of ten years ago. I'm loving my new way of life!

    I'm so glad to hear all the positive comments!