Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Wellness Warrior adventure continues...

It's day 13 and I'm still a Wellness Warrior, I can't believe it!  
I really thought this Crazy Sexy Detox was gong to be much harder and more of an inconvenience in my life that it has proven to be.  I've totally embraced it and am loving every minute of it.

Starting the day with my green juice, my favorite part of the day, has become of a bit of a ritual in the morning. My son always runs into the kitchen to help me. He loves shoving the cucumbers, romaine, kale, celery, ginger and lemon down the chute. He's not as excited about drinking it unless I throw in a few more apples, carrots and a pear and then he drinks it up with a smile.

Kale, our new best friend at Natural Health, has got to be the yummiest veggie out there I've had fun experimenting with it. I have made Kale salad with quinoa, cranberries, and pistachios in a lemon,ginger dressing, stir fried Kale (lightly cooked) with quinoa, tofu, broccoli and ginger most recently I tried to recreate the most delicious quinoa bowl with butternut squash and kale that I had a Juicy Ladies. So amazing!

I won't fool you though. I have had a few slip-ups. While at a friend's Birthday celebration last week, I watched as everyone ordered fun cocktails and thought, "I still have to live a little" and broke down and had a glass of Malbec. I felt guilty for about a second and I got over it.  Let me tell you, that was a pretty incredible glass of wine after not drinking for awhile.  So I'm not perfect, but who is?

I have really given this my all and I'm feeling so much more energetic, lighter, happier (I know, pretty cool!) and not as tired as usual. And the best part is my son is eating and drinking a lot more vegetables and likes quinoa!

Until next time...

Kathryn McRitchie
Fashion Director


  1. Oh yeah, I love the way you sum it all up. More energy, lighter, and happier ... and the best part is the difference you have made in someone else's life. You are making a difference in more lives here, at work, and everywhere you go. Sharing your enthusiasm and your experiences affects us all positively.

  2. Does Kale go with CPK's BBQ chicken pizza? I think they serve it on the side in Beverly Hills. JB