Friday, February 18, 2011


It's midweek, day five of our cleanse, and it has been very interesting ...

Our first day of the cleanse, Monday (Valentine's Day), we had a meeting, and sipped on Stephanie's lovely Teechino w/ almond milk. It took the edge off but I was hurting form the caffeine withdrawal, for sure. And we had some lovely food: kale salad (addicted!), a couple kinds of hummus, nut crackers, quinoa salad. But back at the office, I really could've used a cup of coffee. Didn't do it, I stuck with lemon juice and water w/ some ginger. And took an Advil. And I DID have a 1/2 glass of champagne on V-Day ....

The next day we had one of our long issue-planning meetings, and again, I was dragging, very groggy and grumpy. Not our most inspired meeting ever.  Egyptian Licorice Tea helped, and I found myself eating a lot.

I have to say, the eating part of this is a pleasure, I don't miss any of the foods, really; I miss popping a little cheese while I make my daughter's lunch. And I feel like this is so much about adding really dense nutrients -- the juice, the kale, the hemp seeds -- that are super charging me, rather than depriving me.

Day 3 (Wednesday) was the day I finally felt good -- really good in fact. My energy came back big time. And I had a little triumph at lunch: I drove out to get something to eat, planning to go to our local vegan, raw place called Juicy Ladies.There's an intersection on Ventura Boulevard where I usually turn left to go to my favorite sushi place; Juicy Ladies is to the right. I actually had a struggle, almost went into auto mode and was really drawn to the left. My mouth started watering thinking about spicy tuna.  

But I turned the steering wheel right, and whew, I was very glad I did. The lunch I had was huge and I had enough to give Maggie for dinner that night to her delight (she's 15 and vegetarian, so this is not so hard....) 

Today I literally jumped out of bed, took my dog Ollie for a walk, made a deep red and green juice with beets (and the beet greens), kale, lots of cilantro and parsley, ginger of course and one carrot, and  packed up all the stuff for my day. This weekend, I'm seeing music at a club, and like I said, I'm not missing the foods at all. The drinks ...  tougher. Next week I'm on the road to NY for two days, so we will see how it goes... There is a juice bar downstairs from the office, so it'll probably be just fine. 

Till next time

                                                                                                         -- Peg Moline, Editor in chief

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